Snipe-IT at Laracon


We’re thrilled to have been invited to be a speaker at Laracon Online, with over 4,000 attendees and over 100 countries represented.

My talk was on some of the challenges you face when 1) running an open source project 2) running an open source product on Laravel and 3) running a business off of your open source product that runs on Laravel.

I should make it very clear here – we’re huge fans of Laravel. We made the decision to write Snipe-IT in Laravel after much consideration, and we still believe it’s the best PHP framework out there – but there are some challenges unique to running a large open source product, and even more challenges when you start to consider how to host it at scale.

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A. Gianotto

Alison is the founder and CEO of Grokability, Inc, the company that makes the open source product Snipe-IT.

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Snipe-IT at Laracon

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