LonghornPHP 2021


Grokability CTO Brady Wetherington gave his first conference talk (ever!) at LonghornPHP 2021 in Austin, TX in October about how the systems-sausage is made here at Grokability, and how to bootstrap a million-dollar open source SaaS business for just one dollar a customer per month. This talk gets into some of the the weeds of how our hosted platform works, some mistakes we made, some challenges...

Interview on RedHat’s Open Source Business Channel


I was fortunate enough to be invited to be interviewed on the RedHat Open Source Business series along with Roberto Galoppini, Director of Strategy for FileZilla. In 2 hours, join us for Boot-strapping an Open Source Company with @snipeyhead & @galoppini Get your spot at ; Open Source in Business (@ossinbusiness) November 3, 2020 Dave Neary is a top notch interviewer, and it was fascinating...

Snipe-IT at Laracon


We’re thrilled to have been invited to be a speaker at Laracon Online, with over 4,000 attendees and over 100 countries represented. My talk was on some of the challenges you face when 1) running an open source project 2) running an open source product on Laravel and 3) running a business off of your open source product that runs on Laravel. I should make it very clear here –...

Snipe-IT at Laracon

Open Source in Business Interview

Snipe-IT at Longhorn PHP