Snipe-IT v7 is Out!


Finally! Whew! Today we released v7 of Snipe-IT. This release upgrades the underlying framework from Laravel 8 to Laravel 10, and also now makes Snipe-IT compatible up to v8.3 of PHP. (PHP 8.1 is still open for long term security support until Jan 1, 2026.)

Each major release has its friction points, of course. Anybody who says otherwise is lying.

As an open source project, we have to cover a lot of bases, even ones we don’t know exist until something breaks for an edge case nobody told us about until it breaks.

We’ve already released a few point releases to handle some small bugs (thank you, Rollbar!) and you should expect more to come. In “normal” mode, we release once every few weeks. That release cycle generally gets a little more frequent right after a big release, sometimes for bugfixes, sometimes just because we notice things in the darker corners of the app that are used less often. Our commits and PRs are always open to the public, and we always welcome feedback on them, if you have that kind of time.

This was hard-fought and took a lot of work, but we’re really excited. I have already mentioned in previous posts that this is largely a framework lift, so you might not notice a lot that’s too different, though we did definitely try to include performance and UX improvements between 6.4.2 and v7, but the main goal was to hoist us up to a more modern, security-stable version of PHP. Now that we’ve done that, we’ve got our feet back on the gas pedal for features and fixes.

We were later than we had hoped with this release, but that happens. As some of you may know, the CEO (me) and CTO moved to Portugal a year ago, so juggling timezones, staff vacations, and varying national holidays has been an adjustment. It’s not always been easy, but absolutely worth it. Our ability to cover Europe and Asia for support has massively improved, and our support was already pretty badass to start with.

But, typical of Grokability, we’re not sitting on our laurels and already have eyes on v8. More to come on that later though. We’ll hopefully have a separate playground for you set up soon. We’ve been playing around with some different tech (still PHP), and as long as it doesn’t melt the servers, we’re excited about what we can do next! We have some big ideas and some big swings we’re ready to make, and we can’t wait to show you what’s next!

As always, huge thanks to our team, the community contributors, the translators, the package maintainers, and everyone else that got us here.

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A. Gianotto

Alison is the founder and CEO of Grokability, Inc, the company that makes the open source product Snipe-IT.

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