Snipe-IT v5 Update – Plus a New Training Video

This is just a quick update on where we’re at with v5 of Snipe-IT. We’re currently 37% complete with our milestone tasks and getting closer every day. That leaves us with just 22 open issues until a release is in sight!

Our current tentative milestone goal is September 15, which is just under a month away!

IMPORTANT: This version of Snipe-IT requires PHP 7.1.3 or greater.

Changes Completed


  • Added attempted logins admin screen
  • Added better support for NFC/RFID/Barcode scanners in select boxes
  • Added ability to trigger password reset emails for users
  • Added Raspbian 9.4 to installer
  • Added department to user import
  • Added php version check to upgrade.php
  • Added check for minimum PHP version in setup


  • Fixed #6004 – set a default next_audit_date if none provided
  • Fixed #6011 – use correct file created at date
  • Limit width of title logo so it doesn’t break with long names
  • Fixed #6013 – add accessory checkout notes to detail page
  • Fixed #5964 – Group IDs can be now be passed to user creation API
  • Fixed bug where checkout right-side menu would display assets checked out to non-users with the same ID
  • Fixed DBAL issue affecting MariaDB 10.2.7 or greater
  • Fixed #6029 – Model number not appearing in checkin/checkout emails
  • Fixes #6016 – Check for an existing username before getting creative
  • Fixed – Only allow activated users to reset their password
  • Fixed – Set activated checkbox to 1 by default on new user
  • Fixed #6082 – don’t show expected checkin in email if none given

Documentation Additions

Introducing our first training video!

Folks have been asking for more in-depth training than just the user’s manual, and we’re answering the call. Behold, our first of what will hopefully be many more Snipe-IT user training videos.

Snipe-IT is a pretty complex application, so it will take us a while to cover everything (especially since we add new features all the time), but we’re pleased to present you with an in-depth “Turbo Tutorial” that walks you through how custom fields and custom fieldsets wotk in Snipe-IT.

Snipe-IT Custom Fields Tutorial

We hope you enjoy it!

Alison is the founder and CEO of Grokability, Inc, the company that makes the open source product Snipe-IT.


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