Snipe-IT v5.0.10 Released


Happy Monday, friends 🙂 This is a bug fix release that tightens up some UI stuff, fixes an issue with the location importer parent locations, and (hopefully) puts to bed an issue we’ve been seeing with Okta users who are trying to use the LDAP sync utility. We also fixed an issue where the email logo that was uploaded wasn’t being honored in the actual emails that were sent.


  • Fixed #8794 – Switched to firstOrCreate to create parents on location import cli
  • Fixed #8810 – email logo was not being used in emails
  • Fixed #8814 – added App\Models\Recipients\AlertRecipient
  • Fixed #8797 – use html_entity_decode in fullName presenter for User
  • Forward-port of the old LDAP sync system to solve Okta sync issues that were resulting in admin limit error (#8801)

Added / Improved

  • Added location to searchableRelations for asset
  • Added purchase order and order number to user > licenses view
  • Branding page UI improvements (image previews inline)
  • Skip posix_getpwuid in upgrader if posix isn’t installed
  • Switch backup files array order to show latest first [ch15486]

For a full list of changes, see the complete changelog.

⚠️ IMPORTANT: This release requires PHP 7.2.0 or greater. ⚠️


For general upgrading instructions, click here. Users who installed Snipe-IT via Git (recommended) can just run php upgrade.php.

After completing the upgrade process, be sure to clear your browser cookies.

Upgrading from v3

Please see the upgrade instructions here.

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A. Gianotto

Alison is the founder and CEO of Grokability, Inc, the company that makes the open source product Snipe-IT.

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