Snipe-IT v7 Roadmap


The long-awaited Snipe-IT v7 launch looms nearer, so we wanted to loop you in on where we’re at.

We had planned on launching v7 in early November, to coincide with Snipe-IT’s ten-year anniversary (!!) but between holidays schedules and the framework upgrade (with dependencies), it’s been taking a little longer than we had hoped. Dependency management means testing each library for compatibility, security and PHP version constraints, which can take time.

As always, we’re still releasing features and fixes under the v6 branch while we’re working on getting v7 ready for you – we’re never sitting still – but some of the fundamental changes we have to make for v7 require a little more attention than previous upgrades. And of course, they all need to be coordinated to happen at just about the exact same time. No pressure!

Some of the biggest changes:

Namespace Change

The Snipe-IT repo will be changing namespaces to the Grokability organization’s namespace. This will have impacts on the upgrade.php that self-hosted users use to upgrade their versions, and will also potentially impact our Docker users. We’ll be performing a repository move, so Github forwarding should work in most cases, but we’re still testing that out, as our goal is always to make upgrades as painless as possible when we can.

Branch Name Change

We will be changing the default branch for Snipe-IT from master to main. Make sure your automation scripts are ready for this.

PHP Version Change

We’ve been warning folks about this for several months now, but Snipe-IT v7 will require PHP v8.1 or greater. PHP 7.4 has been EOL and out of security updates for a while now, and the PHP version change is the biggest reason for the major version bump that is Snipe-IT v7.

Feature Roadmap

Roadmaps in open source can always be a bit tricky, since it’s not uncommon for a feature to be built by a community member that wanted it, even if it wasn’t the highest on our priority list, but we can at least give you a good idea of where we’re headed.

With the framework upgrade (and subsequent Snipe-IT version update), we’re focusing on:

  • Custom fields for more item types, starting with users
  • A more flexible, improved notification system (emails, webhooks, etc)
  • More bulk editing options
  • Improved license handling for cloud subscriptions
  • Better overall UI/UX to help you get things done faster

It’s a big list with lots of work to be done, but we’re excited for what comes next and we deeply appreciate the customers and community who have watched us evolve over time. Your feedback has always helped make Snipe-IT one of the best IT Asset Management systems available, and we look forward to continuing to build, listen and learn from you all.

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About the author

A. Gianotto

Alison is the founder and CEO of Grokability, Inc, the company that makes the open source product Snipe-IT.

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