Snipe-IT v4.9.1 Released


IMPORTANT: This release requires PHP 7.1.3 or greater. This release brings a ton of accessibility fixes, a set of new dark-mode skins (and a new high-contrast skin), a few bug fixes, and a few UI improvements. High Contrast: Example of colored skin in dark mode: To use these new skins, go to Admin Settings > Branding and select them from the dropdown. Improved “Add field to...

Snipe-IT v5 Update


Just a quickie update on what we’ve gotten done so far in the upcoming v5 (currently on the┬ádevelop branch). Lots of stuff is changed under the hood, as we’ve upgraded the underlying framework to Laravel 5.7, but there are a bunch of bufixes and new features, as well as some UI improvements. One of the bigger changes to the system is the introduction of Flysystem support, which means...

Hello world!


We build software at Grokability, but more importantly, we build Grokstars! What’s a Grokstar, you ask? Simple – it’s someone who is awesome, and who fundamentally understands how the web works. Because we hire along a wide spectrum of tech folks, from code camp newbies to wisened veterans, we wanted to put together a curriculum of concepts and tutorials that will help break...

Snipe-IT v5 Update – Plus a New Training Video


This is just a quick update on where we’re at with v5 of Snipe-IT. We’re currently 37% complete with our milestone tasks and getting closer every day. That leaves us with just 22 open issues until a release is in sight! Our current tentative milestone goal is September 15, which is just under a month away! IMPORTANT: This version of Snipe-IT requires PHP 7.1.3 or...

Snipe-IT v4.6.0 Released


This release fixes a few regression issues from the last few releases related to checkin/checkout email notifications and assets pending acceptance. We also discovered and fixed an issue with authorization gates that would erroneously display a “checkin” button for license seats that were not actually checked out if a non-admin user had a particular set of granular permissions...

Snipe-IT at Laracon

Open Source in Business Interview