Snipe-IT v5.0.8 Released


Happy Tuesday, friends 🙂 This is largely a bug fix release for some unusual use-cases that folks have been kind enough to share with us, including the dashboard pie chart, SAML integration, and LDAP syncing.

It also addresses an issue where users of some email clients (such as Gmail) would not have the images in notifications loading properly. (This is due to Gmail opting not to parse base_64 encoded images.) The attachment method has been changed to cid, so that issue should be resolved by upgrading to this version.

For a full list of changes, see the complete changelog.

A Note on LDAP and Okta: As many of you know, the LDAP functionality was rewritten from the ground up in version 5, and while it’s been working fine for many people, we are seeing some odd throttling for folks using Okta as their LDAP provider. We’re in touch with Okta now, trying to get to the bottom of it (as we’re unsure if we’re unintentionally beating up their API without realizing it, or if something changed on their end and it was just a crappy coincidence), but in the meantime, self-hosted folks can potentially test out this PR which reverts some of that functionality back to the v4 line. This solution isn’t exactly ideal, as it means the LDAP login and LDAP sync use different methods, but if it works better for Okta customers, we’ll merge that into master and re-factor it to be a little less gnarly looking.


  • Fixes #8584#8654#8727 – fixes and improvements for SAML (#8795)
  • Fix for #8772 – initial LDAP import of users are deactivated (#8776)
  • Fixed #8753 – create-asset-from-model did not preselect the model
  • Fixed #8749 – added more default colors to prevent missing index in pie chart math
  • Fix for 500-page on deactivated LDAP user trying to log in (#8774)
  • Prevent license categories from being deleted if there are licenses in it
  • Fixed #8773 – wrong path for suppliers image on suppliers edit
  • Fixed #8601 – Switched to “attachment” from “base64”
  • Fixed #8765 – UI not indicating model is required
  • Fixed #8769 – incorrect translation for “DELETE” in purge for German


  • Added #8781 – asset count by status type in sidenav (#8806)
  • Added a new UAC setting to valid User Accounts for Active Directory (#8775)
  • Added img-responsive class to preview images for suppliers, etc


  • Change license serial type to TEXT for longer license files (#8782)
  • Updated translations with new strings

⚠️ IMPORTANT: This release requires PHP 7.2.0 or greater. ⚠️


If your minimum password setting in Admin > Settings was previously less than 8, you should change this to 8 or greater before upgrading. Failure to update this may cause other settings to fail on saving.

If you’re running into an issue with images not showing up, that’s due to an outdated version of upgrade.php (outdated because of us, not you.) That script unfortunately tries (tried) to move your files to the Laravel-approved storage directory. Since that was last updated, we decided not to use that file path, so if you upgraded using upgrade.php and your images are coming up broken, please move the files in app/storage/uploads back to public/uploads and remove the symlink the upgrader created for you. (After v5.0.0, the upgrader was patched to not move those files anymore, so if you skipped the v5.0.0 upgrade you should be fine and no action is needed.)

For general upgrading instructions, click here. Users who installed Snipe-IT via Git (recommended) can just run php upgrade.php.

After completing the upgrade process, be sure to clear your browser cookies.

Upgrading from v3

Please see the upgrade instructions here.

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