Updating Hosted Customers to Snipe-IT v5


It’s been a few weeks now that v5 is out, and we’re very excited to get it in the hands of all of our customers. We thought we’d take the opportunity to clarify what that schedule looks like, and why it’s taking longer than usual to get our fleet updated.

First off, we typically do wait a week or two to update our hosted customers after a major release is pushed out. Although this release of Snipe-IT was the most tested in our history, it was also the release with the largest number of moving parts and new features, so we wanted to wait a little longer to roll it out to customers to confirm that the open source community didn’t find anything we missed.

It turned out, they did find a few issues. There were some initial issues with the LDAP integration that we missed due to the way our test LDAP directories are set up that it took us a few weeks to sort out. LDAP integration is notoriously difficult to troubleshoot, since each organization can (and typically does) have their own way of implementing it, which makes it challenging to test every possible use-case. And just to add to the QA fun, third-party SSO providers (Okta, OneLogin, JumpCloud, Azure, etc) all implement LDAP in slightly different ways, and we generally don’t have access to logs on their end.

Additionally, the new LDAP integration was causing issues with users who were using Okta as their LDAP provider, where it was hitting API thresholds. We’ve since resolved that issue (with the help and patience of our open source friends), and once we tag v5.0.11 this week, we’ll start rolling those changes out to all of our hosted customers.

We apologize for the delay – we know everyone wants to get the new hotness, especially for a release as long-awaited as this one.

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A. Gianotto

Alison is the founder and CEO of Grokability, Inc, the company that makes the open source product Snipe-IT.

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