Notice of Hosted Snipe-IT IP address change


This October, we’ll be adding resources to our global fleet of systems hosting the Snipe-IT service for you, our awesome customers. With growth comes change, and hence the reason for this email.

We’ll be adding new IP addresses to each of our hosting regions. In most cases that means that the IP address on which your installation lives will change. For most of our customers, this will make no difference at all — you’ll be quietly migrated to better servers during an overnight maintenance window and likely notice a small performance boost next time you login. If that’s you, you can stop reading here.

If you’re in the subset of our users who care very dearly about your service’s IP address because of firewall rules, this next bit is for you:

Our aim with this transition is, as always, to make changes as pain-free as possible. Just let us know that your account is IP-sensitive, and we’ll work with you to decide on one of two solutions:

  1. Once we migrate the IP-neutral accounts to servers with new IP addresses, we’ll migrate the remaining accounts, including yours, with the existing IP over to the new server. The benefit here is that there’s no action on your part; you’ll just be upgraded to the new server later than if you were to choose to change your IP.
  2. We’ll provide you with your new IP address in advance so that you can get the rules updated on your end before we migrate your account and then upgrade you when you’re ready. Migration only takes a few minutes, so we can do it (relatively) on-demand during US business hours, during your region’s off-hours, or at a specific time we work together to plan ahead.

Either way, we’ve got you covered. If you’re affected, get in touch with our support team and we’ll make this transition as smooth as possible.

Jeremy Price
VP of Technology
Grokability, Inc.

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