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Snipe-IT v5.0.9 Released


Happy Tuesday again, friends 🙂 Sorry for the double release today, but we discovered a conflict with the new asset counter in the sidenav and the SAML integration, since the SAML routes are loaded as a service provider. This change wouldn’t affect you unless you access the SAML settings, but it’s a teeny tiny update, so it’s worth patching in. Effectively, the middleware that...

Snipe-IT v5.0.8 Released


Happy Tuesday, friends 🙂 This is largely a bug fix release for some unusual use-cases that folks have been kind enough to share with us, including the dashboard pie chart, SAML integration, and LDAP syncing. It also addresses an issue where users of some email clients (such as Gmail) would not have the images in notifications loading properly. (This is due to Gmail opting not to...

Snipe-IT v5.0.7 Released


Happy Tuesday, everyone! This is a bug fix release that should handle a bunch of smaller UI bugs, and will hopefully help with some LDAP quirkiness you’ve all been kind enough to document and report for us. Note: We did miss updating version.php to reflect that this is from the master branch, so it may be confusing to see developinstead of master in your Snipe-IT...

Snipe-IT v5.0.6 Released


This is a small point release that adds a little extra functionality for extending the life of your API keys. Keys prior to this version will expire in one year, however we’ve added a much longer expiration for these now, which defaults to 20 years. If you’d like to override this with a shorter (or longer) expiration, add API_TOKEN_EXPIRATION_YEARS=X (where X is the number of years...

Snipe-IT v5.0.5 Released


This is a bug fix release that should handle some of the issues reported over the past week or so. We’ll be hitting them back as quickly as you can throw issues at us, so keep them coming! We appreciate it 🙂 Fixed Fixed #8613 – 500 error on deleted users API callFixed #8613 – Added deleted_at to user API response, added all=true to include deleted...

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